Surety Bond

Surety bonds present a typically affordable method for securing a swift jail release. These bonds are most commonly sought from a surety agent when the defendant cannot afford their total bail amount or doesn’t want to risk forfeiture of their cash bonds. In exchange for this service, bail bondsmen charge a modest fee (10% in the state of Florida) based on the bail’s full amount. For a surety bond, contact our bonding agency!

Cash Bond

Anybody may pay a cash bond on behalf of an arrestee to secure their release. These bonds are often paid in the form of a check for the full amount of the bail to the court. Eventually, once the case has been resolved, and if the defendant successfully appeared at every hearing, cash bonds can be refunded. However, courts may keep a portion of the money for administrative fees and refunds have the potential to take an extended period of time to process.

Property Bond

Property bonds are generally only used for large bail amounts. Defendants can sign over the title of their home or other property in order to post bail. For this bond, the property’s value must be at least equal to the value of the bail. Most of the time, these bonds can be time-consuming, as they require a significant amount of paperwork, and are not ideal for obtaining a prompt release. In a property bond, should a defendant fail to appear in court, the agreed-upon property will be collected as forfeiture.

Signature Bond

A signature bond, sometimes referred to as a released on own recognizance (ROR) bond, involves an arrestee signing a document stating they will attend each mandated court appearance. In this case, a defendant’s signature acts as their bond and issues their release. Should the defendant successfully appear for each trial they will owe no bail. However, if a defendant fails to make their appearances they will then owe the bail amount cited in the signature bond and can possibly be detained.

Transfer Bond

If a person is arrested somewhere other than their local area, their friends or family can still seek the aid of our local bail bondsman. This is what’s known as a transfer bond. For example, our bonding agency could meet, in-person, with a defendant’s friends or family and prepare all the necessary paperwork for a separate bonding agency, one local to the jail the defendant is being held in, and post said bail. As there are more steps involved, these bonds generally have a few extra fees attached. However, they are still relatively inexpensive, and working with a local bond company will be far more convenient than seeking an out-of-town bondsman.

24/7 Bail Bonds Services

Mathis Bail Bonds Agency offers bail bond services any hour of any day across all of North Central Florida. Our on-call bail bond agent can help to make the jail release process swift and easy for you or your loved one by providing guidance across all types of bonds. We understand how tough it is to have a loved one in jail, and it is our goal to ensure you’re reunited as quickly as possible.

We want our clients to be as stress-free as possible, so we are always willing to work with you to develop a convenient payment plan when we provide you a bail bond loan. If you have a friend or relative in need of a Florida bail bond, don’t wait — contact our bail bondsman today!