Upon their arrest, an individual will be taken to the local jail on a warrant or view arrest (accused new charge). Once there, authorities will begin the booking process. During this process, authorities will: record a person’s information and the details of their offense, take their photograph and fingerprints, check their criminal background, confiscate their belongings, and, lastly — place them in a holding cell.

At this stage, the severity of the alleged offense will determine whether someone is released with a citation, has their bail set immediately, or must wait for their initial bail hearing (First Appearance). If a person is only being charged with a minor offense, such as a misdemeanor, and has no felony criminal background, they’ll likely be given a ROR (Released on Own Recognizance) citation. Upon signing the citation — thus promising their appearance in any subsequent court dates — they will be released.

In other cases, a predetermined court administered bail amount depending on the charge will be given during the booking process. This is advantageous, as a person will be eligible to bail out instantly. However, if a person’s bail isn’t set immediately, they must wait for a judge to determine their eligibility and bail amount during a first appearance. First Appearance is every morning, 365 days a year, including holidays.

First Appearance

First Appearance is when a defendant will be read the formal charges being brought against them and given the opportunity to arrange for their release. At this point, the judge assesses a “Pretrial Investigation Summary Sheet,” which determines a risk level of missing court, committing another crime, and making sure the safety of the community is not compromised. The summary sheet includes when and how low a person resides, criminal background history, failure to appears, pending cases, probation, jail time, out of state/county criminal history, holds from other counties, …etc. When it is reviewed, they may be “released on own recognizance” (ROR) or given a bail amount. If RORed, a defendant will sign a document promising to continue appearing for court and will be released.

Once bail is set, contact our bondsman, and she can help direct you to the release of the person accused.

Posting Bail

Once a bail amount has been set, you have the choice of contacting the bail bondsman and pay 10% or paying the jail the full bail amount by using cash or a cash equivalent such as a money order or cashier’s check. For example: If a bail amount is set at $5,000, your choices of posting bail are to pay the full $5,000.00 to the jail or go through a bail bonds agency and pay $500 or sign up for a payment plan toward the $500. Defendants and their loved ones will often find that the determined bail amount to extend beyond their financial capabilities, and that’s why choosing to work with our surety agent can make a huge difference.

After meeting to discuss the specifics of a client’s case, our bail bond agent will compile the necessary paperwork.  An indemnitor, a signer on contract to ensure responsibilities of appearance of court for the accused.


After the contract is signed, partial or full 10% is paid, and the bond is delivered and posted to the jail,  the jail will then process the paperwork, and within hours, the defendant will be released from custody.

Following a client’s release, our bonding agent will help them keep track of upcoming court dates. Our surety agent stays on call 24/7, ready to help provide any guidance a client may need moving forward. Continuing to make court appearances until their case is closed will be of the utmost importance.

Once the client has successfully attended all court hearings and completed any court-mandated requirements, the bond contract will be void.

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We offer 24 hour bail bonds and provide flexible payment options to make sure reuniting with your arrested loved one happens as quickly and easily possible. Don’t wait, call our bond company to start the bail bonds process right away!

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